Current Activity

The IDC will be built in the Boston metro area with a hundred exhibition rooms spread across five floors.  Each ascending floor will take visitors to an older historical period, weaving a continuous narrative of how we got here.  The lower floors will contain auditoriums, food and performance spaces, and the facilities will be designed to handle peak traffic of a thousand visitors.  The Center will sponsor additional activities such as cultural exchanges, research and publications, and conferences to promote the study of Indian cultures.

The Center will also serve as an educational and instructional facility, a research hub, and a performance center for visiting and resident artists.  The Center will have a particular emphasis on educating younger generations, and will therefore endeavor to create immersive and interactive experiences for the visitors.

Current Activities (2016-2017):

  1. Create an indexed chart of a hundred topics to represent India’s cultural history from 5000BC to the present.
  2. Expand each topic to an education module geared towards a High School curriculum.
  3. Design representative exhibits to depict the value and the knowledge presentation of the topic.
  4. Host an annual India Heritage Weekend to celebrate specific topics of interest.
  5. Host a quarterly South Asia Poets’ Group to explore the literary heritage of the subcontinent.