About Us

Indian culture is one of the oldest in the world.  It has developed through the original creativity in creating a philosophy of living.  The strands of the culture are reflected in the social conditions, arts, music, food, dress, conduct, sciences and the literature.  India Discovery Center is an effort to help understand the culture in the framework of the modern world.  Based in Boston, USA, the Center is founded to compile an electronic database on India and to build an education-cum-cultural center for the children and the public.  India Discovery Center (IDC) is approved as a non-profit tax-exempt 503(c)(3) public charity in the USA.

India Discovery Center is a non-religious and non-political organization dedicated to cherishing and preserving the Indian heritage and legacy for the current and the future generations through a Digital  resource knowledge portal and an Education cum Cultural Center.   The knowledge portal is a digital library on India’s cultural history accessible to all around the world.  The Education cum Cultural Center, would host creative exhibits depicting India’s cultural heritage and create educational material on India for the young adults.  India Discovery Center fosters cultural displays, historical exhibits and educational programs, research collaborations including print and digital publications.

The “India Discovery Center” is researching, and sharing India’s cultural history and evolving identity.  IDC’s interactive Cultural & Education Center will encapsulate the evolution of Indian culture—philosophy, religions, literature, language, science, and arts—and its interactions with other world civilizations. ​